As an author, my goal is to turn questions and topics on their head, to look at them from a new angle, and to delight you, my readers, with the journey. If I am not delighting you with insightful, evocative, thought-provoking perspectives and ideas, I am failing you. If I am not challenging your thoughts helping you see things from a new angle, I am failing you. If we are not finding ourselves in an interesting conversation with real stakes–the kind that can change people and minds–then I am failing you.

I do not want to fail you.

My topics are broad and diverse because my interests and curiosity are as well. I fully expect our subjects to range from intellectual history to sailboat racing technique, from politics to poetry and art criticism, and from mythology to the practices of successful entrepreneurship. And did I mention corporations and the environment? It’s all fair game.

My background includes owning two organic farms, an out of print bookstore, a high end business consulting company, and a small publishing house. I worked as poetry editor for a small press and currently operate my consulting firm. I love to sail, cycle, golf, and garden. My greatest passion is to read, think, and write–a practice I have maintained now for many, many years.

About the Blog

This blog is different. It has two purposes. First, I want to hear from you. I want to listen to your ideas. Let’s have a conversation. We’ve made commenting as easy as possible while still preventing spam. Please dip in and enjoy.

Second, rather that “writing for the Internet” I am writing to be clear, and then making it available in three ways:

  1. Here on this blog
  2. In emails sent to registered users when we publish
  3. For selected articles, in printable PDF files

The PDFs are only available via email, so it is best to register for the blog so you can have access to all three.

Let’s Talk!

Feel free to comment on my blog posts or write directly to me using the Contact Form. I’ll do my best to respond.

So, come on in. Let’s have a conversation.