Four Futures: Intro (Book by Peter Frase)

by Anthony Signorelli

I am reading Peter Frase’s Four Futures and completed the Introduction. At this point, I make two observations. First, I do not understand why writers with socialist sympathies so often use fiction as a basis for figuring out the problems and challenges of a transforming world. Granted, I may be exposing my ignorance of Marxist method here, but it is an odd habit. There are images in soft and hard science fiction that may be applicable, but they only apply as idealized images or perhaps provide imaginative insight. I find it hard to take an analysis of Star Trek seriously as an argument or description of our current economy.

Second, I find it astonishing that socialists like Frase believe socialism will replace capitalism when that latter ends. They fail to see that socialism works on the same principles. The fail to see that if capitalism ends, so do capitalist driven class structures. They seem to think the demise of capitalism is only about who is in control (class struggle) not that the whole question of class control becomes meaningless. I mean if socialism wins, capitalism is not dead. We’re merely on the other side of the coin.



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