About Anthony Signorelli

You might be wondering, who is this guy, Anthony Signorelli?

Allow me to introduce myself.

  • I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • I have a degree in Geography from the University of Minnesota.
  • My life has included many different experiences—from back-to-the-land organic farming to sales and marketing consulting for some of the largest companies on the planet.
  • I’m an author with an insatiable curiosity and a passion for insightful understanding.
  • I write poetry, essays, business articles, and books.
  • I love complex ideas, poetic creativity, and mythological perspectives.

…and I REALLY enjoy a good conversation—one in which I am learning and you are learning.

That’s why I created this blog. I want to enjoy a conversation with you and my other readers, and thought this would be a fun place to do it when we can’t get together in the same room.

The topics will be diverse and eclectic. Much of it will be driven by what I am reading—that’s why I will list what I am reading. My attitude toward books is that they need to be argued with. Let’s make that argument together.

Comments are open, so please use them. Please consider—I won’t tolerate name calling of each other and ad hominum attacks here. That’s not thought, its stupidity.

So, come on in. Grab a copy of the book we are reading, or consider some of the other topics opened in various posts. I look forward to the conversation.

For a little more background, here are my publication credits:

My Publications


  • Call to Liberty: Bridging the Divide Between Liberals and Conservatives, Scarletta Press, Minneapolis, 2006
  • Rooster Crows at Light from the Bombing: Poems and Essays on the Gulf War, Inroads Press, Knife River, 1993 (editor)

Select Articles

  • “In Over Your Head: The Joys and Trials of the Entrepreneur,” Small Business CEO Magazine Online, 2004
  • “Farm Finances,” Small Farmers Journal, 1994
  • “Creating Place,” Small Farmers Journal, 1992
  • “Organic Agriculture: Next Steps and New Concerns,” Small Farmers Journal, 1993
  • “Passion and the Hero,” Inroads #3, 1989
  • “Men, Authority, War,” Inroads #7, 1992
  • “The Folly of Demands: An Argument with Inventing the Future,” com, 2016
  • “The Coming Collapse of Capitalism,” com, 2016
  • “The Painful Transition to Postcapitalsim,” com, 2016
  • “Capitalism vs. the Climate and the Need for Ideas that Will Indeed Change Everything,” com, 2016

Select Courses

  • Discovery Questions 101: Introduction for B2B Sales, published by Illumeo, 2016
  • Discovery Questions 102: Five Types of Questions for B2B Sales, published by Illumeo, 2016
  • Discovery Questions 103: Question-Asking Tactics for B2B Sales, published by Illumeo, 2016
  • Cracking the Corporate Code, self-published, 2012
  • Hundreds of custom-built, private use training courses for Medtronic, Emerson Process Control, Thomson Reuters, Boston Scientific, Graco, Cray, and other major companies, 1995-2016

Select White Papers

  • How to Win the RFP Game, Thomson Reuters, 2014
  • The Law Firm Growth Engine: Creating a Culture of Active Account Development, Thomson Reuters, 2014
  • Building a Business Case for the Right Solution in Contract Management, Merrill Corporation, 2014
  • Breaking the Bottleneck: Enabling Growth With a Solution for Contract Management, Merrill Corporation, 2014
  • Urgent Problems Requiring Contract Management Solutions, Merrill Corporation, 2015
  • Contract Management and Business Needs, Merrill Corporation, 2014
  • Budget Needs for Contract Management Solutions, Merrill Corporation, 2014
  • Technical Feasibility of Contract Management Systems: How to Get IT On Board, Merrill Corporation, 2014
  • Finding the Right Contract Management System: What are my options?, Merrill Corporation, 2014
  • Implementing a System Can Be Easier Than You Think, Merrill Corporation, 2014
  • Assessing Security in Contract Management Systems, Merrill Corporation, 2015
  • Beyond Thought Leadership: The Cutting Edge in Content Marketing Strategy, Signorelli Consulting Group, 2015
  • Customer Engagement: The New Frontier in Market Research, Signorelli Consulting Group, 2015
  • Customer Journey Mapping, Signorelli Consulting Group, 2015
  • From Physicians to IDNs: Building the Medical Device Sales Force of the Future, Signorelli Consulting Group, 2013
  • The 57% Gap: Curing a Content Marketer’s Nightmare, Signorelli Consulting Group, 2014
  • What to Do When the Salesforce Underperforms on Your Product, Signorelli Consulting Group, 2013