A Declaration

by Anthony Signorelli

This week I decided to start taking myself seriously—I am going to develop my business and presence as an author. I believe in myself and my ideas. I write pretty well. People are intrigued by my ideas, stories, and poems. However, for years I have put these things to the side and focused my energy on business—sales, marketing, training, implementation, effectiveness and productivity.

I am sick of it.

It is not that I hate business; it’s just that I am sick of denying my other side. Reading, writing, thinking, and learning energize me, and poetry, myth, and psychology deepen my experience of life. I am done leaving them behind.

So today, I make a declaration: I am an author, and I am going to be a successful author. I am going to create a large network of influential people who I like to work with and who like me, and I am going to create the future I once dreamed of but gave up. No more excuses. No more blaming. I am going to do it. Indeed, I am doing it.

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